Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Evil Oil

A late night on site and what am I rewarded with-- Paul Martin claiming that Ottawa has a duty to expand Alberta's oil trade to China and India. So there it is liberal campaigning in all its glory: 1) attack Alberta, which gains poll points in Ontario and Quebec- 2) increase trade with Communist China, an even more inflamatory assertion of pseudo statist Canadian Soverignty to the Americans, which will gain him gain credibility with the insane left. 3) A false statement-- Canada doesn't own the oil, people do.

A question; Who needs to government to sell their oil? This is ridiculous. Is it hard to find countries willing to buy oil nowadays. As the price of it increases worldwide it is getting harder to sell. This is like hiring a salesman to sell alcohol to drunks. Maybe we should have ad campaigns explaining the benefits of this unknown mystery fuel.

What about the logistics. The United States is willing to consume as much oil as we can provide-- a free country, a trusted friend, and its markets are located on the same continent., and oh yeah, they pay their bills. While China is the worst abuser of individual that exists on the planet(because it's abuse is legislated by law and philosophy, proven by history and happens to a billion citizens), and is located across the ocean (the main reason why India doesn't consume more of oil is that it is very expensive and dangerous -- see Exxon-- to transpot oil across the ocean, and once again, oh yeah-- all their wealth and technology are the direct result of looting.

Another thing-- Ralph Klein doesn't sell the oil, because he doesn't own the oil or gas. Private individuals, groups and companies produce, market and transpot oil to where the need is the highest. Ralph Klein was explaining that in a free country, the government doesn't get involved in the producing or selling of oil. Free citizens sells our oil on the market, which means the state doesn't own the oil, and Martin rhetorts thatCanada will do as it pleases with the produced wealth of individuals.

Ahh Paul could this have anything to do with you and you old buddy Maurice Strong developing massive business interests in China.?

But where is Harper? Is this another example of inept Conservatives or media bias?

-Angry Roughneck


At 9:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Federal government does not sell the oil but it negotiates favourable trading arrangments with other countries. (ie that no duties will be charged etc.) Private industry will decide where it wants to sell the oil.

The feds open the door and it is up to business whether they wish to walk through it.

At 2:51 PM, Blogger Katie Jean said...

are you coming to texas?


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