Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Canadian Fairness

So one of the architects behind the sponsorship scandal, Paul Coffin, a man who admittedly STOLE 1.5 million from tax payers, was sentenced to a 9 PM curfew (don’t worry liberals-- only on weeknights) and two years of teaching business ethics-- hold back your laughter for stealing taxpayer money. Ahh the precedent has been set, for the rest of the liberal FELONS.

Now for years left wing intellectuals--yes the word is an oxymoron, have been warning us naïve individuals about dangerous corporations and the lack of checks they‘re faced with. “we need a government that stands up to the corporation”, building their case with picturesque examples (Hollywood is great for this) of robber barons controlling the world, defrauding average Joes, just to drive Cadillacs, and live in mansions on top of hills while we, the average bums are powerless to do anything about, except toil away in mediocrity with no chance of success.

Well let’s compare the Trudeaupian model of socialism and fairness with the cold hard capitalism of our evils southern neighbors in practical terms, and see how we treat ivory tower criminals that defraud citizens. Peter Coffin gets a 9 PM curfew. Okay. Well contrast that to Bernard Ebbers, a Canadian, of World Com fame gets 25 years in prison for fraud. Two Meryll Lynch executives (Daniel Bayly and James Brown) that defrauded Enron investors (prior to the massive kerfluffle) to the tune of 1.4 million--a very comparable crime, got 30 months and 46 months respectively of HARD time. Tyco exces Dennis Kozlowski and Mark Schwarz got 25 and 8 year sentences. Need more… Well the beloved Martha Stewart even got 8 months for very questionable insider trading!

It’s a joke that we Canadians get on our high horses and point our long fingers south of boarder declaring our moral superiority, on such issues as social justice. We don’t even hold our own government accountable for blatant theft, while without blinking an eye we condemn business for it suspicious motives. At least business executives are punished and jailed for their corruption.
-Angry Roughneck


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Good points dude. Oh, and dude, you seriously need to turn "word verification" on in your Blogger Dashboard Settings. You're getting hammered by spam. It works, trust me.

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Thanks for the info. I'm a luddite and can use all the tech advice I can get.


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