Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Liberals Love the Poor or that is People being Poor

One of the biggest misconceptions in this Canadian age of Liberal propaganda and socialist spin is that liberals and dippers are the party that supports the working family, the little guy. Well if that’s true why is the tax exemption set at $8000 dollars? This means for every dollar an individual earns over $8000, the Liberals begin reaching into his pockets and start by taking nearly a 1/3--not to mention the GST he pay on top of his or her purchases.

Is this fair by Tuedapian standards? Should massive companies, like Bombardier and Air Canada require assistance from somebody only pulling in $12,000 a year? Should someone making minimum wage be required to contribute to an appointed senator’s $80,000 annual pension fund? Should a Wal-Mart greeter be forced to contributing to Liberal friendly company’s profit margin?

It is an all out lie to claim liberal policies are friendly to the little guy. You want to help young families and people living near the poverty line, well then raise the exemption. The Taxpayer Federation demonstrates that nearly doubling the exemption to $15,000 (meaning that nobody making under this pays federal or provincial taxes) would exempt 1.8 million people from paying taxes that they cannot afford. The Liberal elite in Ottawa collect 2.8 billion in taxes from people that earn under $15,000 per year. Let me state that again: Ottawa collects 2.8 billion from Canadians making under $15,000 a year to spend on social engineering, Governor General wardrobes, slush funds for party faithful, and corrupt business owners. This would be roughly a $160 per month increase in take home pay for people living below the poverty line.

And in comparison if dippers or corrupt Liberals came out with a policy awarding each person earning under $15,000 a year, a $100 grant they would be lauded for their compassion and understanding. So why are conservatives vilified as a robber barons, for a policy that would neatly double the imaginary grant? And now I know $160 a month isn’t much for a ivory tower Liberal, but it’s an extra load of groceries for the single mother or a trip to the dentist for the uninsured. Personally I’d like to the see the exemption set a $20,000, but that would cost too many Liberals and their supporters too many Armani suits and I’m a realist!

-Angry Roughneck


At 12:59 PM, Blogger Reg said...

Smart post. Should become part of the CPC platform this very second.

At 3:34 PM, Blogger darcey said...

I read a little ditty last year on the elections Canada site about Bombardier donations to the Lib party. Pretty slick little racket.

At 12:33 PM, Anonymous Dr.PhD (aka Phil from Ottawa) said...

Agreed. A smart post--one that all Ontarians should read (not that it matters, seeing as how the overwhelming majority will continue to blindly buy into Red propaganda).

The argument made by angryroughneck can, in point of fact, be applied to the majority of Liberal promises and platform policies.

Providing relief to Canadians suffering from rising gas prices is my most recent favourite Liberal spin on 'helping' Canadians.

See: http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/20051006/federal_enegycostreliefplan_20051006/20051006?hub=Canada

My crappy little Cavalier takes $60 worth of gas, my heating bill will be double what it was last year, the price of most goods and services will be slowly increasing throughout the winter months (it all has to get here by boat, truck or plane) and I'm making the same shitty wage I was making at this time last year.

What can I do? Will my government help me? Where are the storied Liberals, supporters of the people? How, oh how, will I get much needed relief?

Surely my taxes are being reduced?
Clearly, I'll pay less at the pump due to a temporary stay on some the Federal taxes charged there?
I'm going to get a big, fat cheque in the mail, right?

The Feds are giving the plebes $2.4 billion. Well, to some of us anyway. Over 5 years. Under certain conditions. With a few restrictions.

Two and half billion sounds like a lot of money and, not so incidentally, is a fairly large number to use in an election platform. But who is this money really helping? I'd like to take a poll.

Here, I'll start: "Not me!"

Seniors or low-income families receiving particular supplements will get either $125 or $250, respectively. Peanuts. Everyone else gets a tight-lipped smile and, if you're lucky, a kick in your hard-working ass.

It'll cost me $300 a month to heat my house but, to help me out, the Reds will toss me a few bucks to retrofit my windows or to replace my furnace. How nice of them. Is this how out of touch the government is with the people? Have any of you looked into getting your windows or furnace replaced.

Here's an example. I have a relatively small house. My furnace is 10 years old, meaning I would qualify for, let's say on the very high end, a $200 subsidy to replace it. A high-efficiency furnace will save me $300 over the course of the year on my heating bill (this number comes from Direct Energy). However, the new furnace itself will require me to drop roughly 3Gs.

Now, I'm no math wiz, but are the Liberals giving me relief from gas prices by giving me $200 to spend on a $3000 furnace that will save me $300 a year?

That doesn't seem very feasible to me. What does seem feasible is that, like the tax exemption for the little guy, the $2.4 billion is simply an empty promise used to sway the votes of this country's many bleeding hearts.


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