Monday, September 19, 2005

German Paradise?

So for years now, the left, far right and other fring thinkers have been championing Proportional representation. "It's more democratic" "It more accurately reflects the will of the people"...etc. and reasonable people every get sucked into their poetic messages without ever thinking through the implications of a system, that only alienates the popular vote. Look at Germany, albeit a close vote between the moderate right and moderate left-- if this is possible and now who holds all the cards to decide a countries political course? A bunch of hippies, zealots, and yes old block Communists! Ridiculous. You hear things like, well maybe the right will join with the communists to form a majority. That's insane. Where's the comprommise between slavery and freedom? The complete obliteration of ideology for the sake of effcient rule! What a system.

Here are the top 8 reasons Canada should never have Proportional representation.

1)Minority party votes are constantly sold for funding towards whatever special interest the selling party represents.

2)The proportional representation methodology increases voter apathy as it quickly becomes a system where votes must be bought in order to form a coalition government which has consequences.

3)It validates the public’s sense of government corruption as it’s an electoral system that favors and demands political deals.

4)The ridiculous amount of compromise eradicates ideology and makes long term vision impossible

5)Essentially you move from an electoral system where the majority party determines policy into one in which the party with the fewest votes does.

6)The proportional system is in fact less proportional as it has the uncanny ability to lock old political hacks into their position.
When a party receives 10 percent of the vote they allowed to choose which members of their party will represent their party in legislature, which is good for longtime serving senior party faithful, but is counterproductive to getting new blood and ideas into government.

7)Proportional representation is inherently against principles making it range of the moment pragmatic whim worship. Long range vision requires principle

8)Once Proportional Representation has been legislated further electoral form becomes next to impossible. Picture Canada’s attempt at negotiating a charter between three regionalized interests, and the endless amounts of stalling, compromise and redundancy, and ultimately futility involved that process. Imagine trying to agree on similar monumental reform with over 100 special interest groups being represented. Change would only happen through revolution. Reason would be invalidated as a political tool and thus parties world switch to force when trying to mandate change.

-Angry Roughneck


At 7:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 7:59 PM, Blogger John Doe said...

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At 8:04 PM, Blogger Raging Ranter said...

Just look at the mess Germany is in right now. So much for PR leading to better results more reflective of the national mood. Unless Germans are all in the mood to be complete clusterf**ks for the next 5 years.

PR is nothing more than affirmative action for political losers. If electoral reform is what's needed, we should first and foremost reform the upper chamber. An elected Senate would improve demacracy in this country far more than any socialist employment equity program for failed politicos ever could.

If that isn't enough, and if the way we choose riding winners needs to be changed, then we can have runoff elections where, if no one gets a 50% plus one majority the first time, the top two vote-getting dudes move on to the second ballot. An election overtime period, so to speak. At least the small fringe parties are eliminated, while the constituents still get the chance to give majority approval to their representative.


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