Saturday, October 01, 2005

Education: Part Deux

The suggestion of mandatory post secondary-- fully subsidized-- education is a Ralston saul idea and is morally wrong. John Ralston Saul (former Petro Can bigwig--I fight for a new renissance by displacing individual freedoms) is a puppet of the corrupt socialist syndicate lead by Maurice Strong that endeavors to take over the world with Capitlaism and socialist propoganda, and subsequently, Saul is one of Canada'a best known intellectuals--wretched.

But to the point, endorsers of extending mandatory education for two years of post secondary classes are willing to obliterate the highest principle of freedom--choice-- in order for their chance to stand on a soapbox claiming "I know what is best for every person and if you don't listen to my ideas you are in violation." This is evil social engineering. To force a free thinking adult to take two years of education is abhorrant and antithetical to principle of individual freedom. What right does the government have to force me to take classes. What if I don't want to takee more schooling? What if I want to be a logger, a fisherman, a mother, a taxi driver, a writer, or an artist? What happened to my right to choose my life course?

Now evil leftists wil decree that there is no freedom without education. Wrong. There is no freedom with an intervening government. And if this was remotely true that higher education promoted freedom and choice the Communist club at the universites wouldn't attract more members than the young Conservative party. State sponsored education is no means of promoting freedom. To ensure freedom you want the largest amount opf people possible living lives independent of the government teat.

It sickens me that in this country ideas such as forced adult education pass as progressive, compassionate and intellectual.

-Angry Roughneck


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