Sunday, September 21, 2008

Football Bets for Today

I love philosophy, economics, literature and gambling. Today is about gambling. I love trying to decipher conflicting messages in trying to decide who will win a sporting event. I won a lot of money betting on the NFL last year. Take that with a grain of salt though, because I lost a lot money betting on baseball this summer. Peaks and Valleys, peaks and valleys. My selections for today.

Atlanta falcons -9.5

I got the Falcons earlier in the week at -4.5 points befor KC announced some guy named Tyler Thigpen was playing for them. You can still get this game on proline @ 1.7 which is a bargain. Anyway Atlanta is a power run team(they average over 250ypg)and the Cheifs cant stop the run. Losing Jarred Allen didn't help. Matt Ryan is in a good situan because KC will have to keep 8 or 9 guys in the box which let Matt Ryan be effective enough to blow out KC.

Cle +2.5, +120 on moneyline

I love desperate teams and the Browns are desperate. This game could define their season. Another loss and a playoff prediction team could be in big trouble. Baltimore is a decent defence with a lead footed rookie quarterback. I don't get a good feeling from wattching Flacco, which is a shame because he keeps taking money from me on Sundays.

Vikings -3

Another desperate team. I hated the decision to bench Jackson. the Vikings should be trying to win the superbowl, not finish 9-7. Gus Ferotte leads you teams to 9-7 records. Anyway Carolina is due for a letdown and the Vikings are desperate for a big effort and plus they are at home. Buig day for Petterson and the Vikings



At 5:45 PM, Anonymous WL Mackenzie Redux said...

The only scores this week I reveled in was Stamp's 34 - Boatmen 4


At 6:21 PM, Blogger angryroughneck said...

I avoid betting on all my fave teams-- oilers, esks and jays, which can be a shame sometimes, because you know when they are playing good and bad, yet i found myself in the past picking the oil to win 82 games a year, whick leaves a limp bank account.


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