Sunday, September 07, 2008

Is Free a Relative Word?

The other night my wife and I started our prenatal classes at the Royal Alexandra Hospital. During the class a question was asked about the pros and cons of formula feeding versus breast feeding. The registered nurse informed the class that WHO (World Health Organization) has made it illegal for her to talk about formula feeding. There are two problems with this law.

1. Canada is supposed to be a free country.
2. Canada is supposed to be a sovereign nation.

In a free country discourse is encouraged through the elimination of government censorship. Contradictory opinions and theories are the intellectual base of the western world. Certain ideas, however vile, tasteless or absurd are given the right to be heard. Since the process of discovery can’t be plotted no single person or group is allowed to decide what type of expression or ideas should and shouldn’t be permitted. Every fact, theory or law that exists today was in the minority at some point in its existence. It is only from free discourse that ideas are discovered, proved or disproved and then accepted or discredited. It is for this very reason that censorship is so hated in a free society.

Censorship is synonymous with slave cultures like Iran, China, Medieval Europe. The western world fought to break free from this type of arbitrary unaccountable tyrannical rule and now our governments are slowly handing over our autonomy to unelected organizations like the WHO. Organizations that wield the power to censor and coerce.

It would be bad enough if the Canadian government tried to pass this type of draconian law, but the World Health Organization should not be allowed to pass any laws that limit the freedom and choices of Canadians. Canadians do not elect the WHO lawmakers. The World Health Organization is an unelected board of bureaucrats whose headquarters are located in Geneva Switzerland. People complain about an Ottawa disconnect in Canada.

What would we do if the WHO declared a one child policy? Maybe the World Trade Organization tries to enforce a North America Carbon Tax.


At 6:28 AM, Blogger Neo Conservative said...

i know you're talking about a bigger issue here... but let me digress.

our son was born by emergency c-section... and subsequent to this my wife (readers digest version) suffered a serious infection and was transfused with a massive amount of antibiotics.

the baby never really started breast feeding... we now suspect the antibiotics tainted the breast mik... but the doctors and nurses never let up about how we shouldn't use formula.

the upshot was he barely ate for a week... and was falling into the category of "failure to thrive". my wife, who was in no physical or emotional state to deal with this... was constantly being guilted and bullied by the breast-feeding nazis.

i finally put my foot down and we began to feed him formula from a bottle. it almost instantly turned a skinny listless baby... into a healthy, happy alert child.

the moral of the story is don't be conned. use your own judgement and do what you think is necessary..


At 11:47 AM, Blogger pyper said...

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Many thanks,


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