Friday, July 18, 2008

Just tell me to how much of my paycheck to send to whom... BAAAA

So Ontario agrees to join a coalition that pledges to loot Alberta’s and Saskatchewan’s energy revenues. British Columbia, Quebec, Manitoba and now Ontario have all agreed to a carbon trading plan. For all those unfamiliar with Socialist doublespeak this simply means Alberta and Saskatchewan have to pay other provinces for their right to produce their own petroleum (does Ontario pay me for the right to produce steel?) Since Ontario will not use up their petroleum quotas they are free to sell their quota rights to Alberta — what did they have to lose? There couldn’t be a finer plan for provinces not heavily involved in the energy game (albeit death knell B.C does have considerable gas in the north east). Why wouldn’t they try to vote for their share of the plunder? Basically, they have pledged their support for a plan that oversees the honestly earned wealth in western Canada transferred to bureaucratic hordes in eastern Canada. Wealth transferred from a free and independent class to a envious, parasitic class of government types.

How could this ever be considered just amongst the civilized? Raskilinov was sentenced to Siberia. So I look for the defences—the Suzuki Foundation claims “We now have 75% of the population agreeing to emission trading.” The Suzuki foundation is an environmental cause. This doesn’t affect them. The same amount of petroleum is being produced so the environment remains unchanged. I am confused. And back to the voting pattern— because this is always a popular justification. The vote is always predictable. Anyone mystified by the fact that a group of people without gold would vote to steal away an individual’s accrued gold if given the chance is predictable. Then if the local authorities told them they would not be persecuted for their theft but in fact applauded the results are even more predictable. Then if further prodded by the offer of a middle man to do the dirty work and perpetrate actual theft of the gold, certainly the results of the vote would be all but guaranteed. I think it was Ol’ Ben Frank that said democracy is three wolves and a sheep voting on what to eat for dinner.

Why do journalists, academics, university groups, activist groups, and governments generally laud democracy as the pinnacle of cultural social development? We should strive for a state in which arbitrary thefts are outlawed. And democracy doesn’t prevent arbitrary persecutions. Democracy provides no model for “what ought to be done”, it is only valuable as means to an end. If it is wrong for another individual to hold a knife to my throat and demand my wallet then how is it alright for the government to put a gun to my head and demand 50 cents every time I earn a dollar? Just because people voted for it? For a society to be just government’s power needs to be limited. If governments are allowed arbitrary powers then nobody’s rights are safe for very long. How ridiculous would it sound if a fish tax was enacted—wherefore, every fish caught in Newfoundland 15 cents was sent to Sakatchewan —a case could be made that the East’s overfishing has prevented my right to earn an income from the ocean. This is the same logic that is applied to energy. I have even heard the claim that everyone has a right to the energy trapped in rock three miles beneath the earth then we all have equal rights to the revenues created from the fishes in the ocean, the trees, the ore… and so on.


At 9:27 PM, Blogger hunter said...

But if Alberta and Saskatchewan refuse to come out and play, they will get nothing.

Think of Kyoto, Europe bought into it thinking that Canada and the US would be paying them for carbon credits, that didn't happen and Kyoto collapsed. Same thing will happen with this scheme, if Ontario is sitting with excess credits, but Alberta refuses to buy them, well who will? Quebec? Nope, they have excess credits too.

At 9:29 PM, Blogger Peter L said...

Sad but true. If it's any consolation to you, Gordo Campbell's days are numbered. He screwed over BC so badly with the Carbon Tax grab that he will definitely be going to his beloved a spectator.
As far as the West loosing out to Ontario? Well there's only one cure for that. Can anyone say, "The Republic of Western Canada"?

At 9:36 PM, Anonymous Roy said...

I will be voting for the bc conservatives in the next election all you people on here who are tired of Gordon Campbell but don't want the NDP in there is a vialable altenative now. it is the BC Conservative party. I was a gordon Campbell supporter for a while while he was supporting the federal government but as soon as he brought in the carbon tax credit thing I gave up on hi.,
remember thopugh the NDP support this BC inititive to and so do the greens so please everyone in B.C support the B.C conservatives check out there web site to the will get rid of the carbon tax credit. I hope anyways that is what they have said.

At 9:38 PM, Anonymous Roy said...

pardon the spelling I'm sure you know what I am talking about and get the meaning.

At 7:47 AM, Blogger wilson said...

''...the Western Climate Initiative (WCI), a group of seven U.S. States and three provinces (B.C., Manitoba and Quebec) that will form North America's first transcontinental cap and trade system in 2012''.

NO WAY Obama would impose mandatory 'sign up' for all the US states, to this voluntary group.

Quebecers want to be 'left alone', no federal government intervention,
don't want to be told how to run their province.
Should Quebecers (Charest)give the ROC the same respect over provincial jurisdictions?

Is it the media spinning the story,
or does Charest think Alberta and BC should be forced into a national cap & trade scheme, against their will???

IMO, the media loves to hate Alberta, waaaaay more than Quebec and Ontario.

At 8:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What most people are missing is that the real loser in all this will once again be the Canadian taxpayer no matter what province they live in.

At 10:43 AM, Anonymous gimbol said...

Fully agree with Hunter on this one.
If a province or territory refuse to sign on to a Kyoto-like agreement, they are not going to be forced to do so.

So when Alberta and Sask, (and oh yah, NFLD) don't buy the credits from Quebec and Ontario, that means Quebec and Ontario are forced to shell out as part of the agreement because their manufacturing sectors will be keeping their "emmissions" over the limit.
At that point Dalton and Charet come crying to Ottawa for more money.
Harper can sit back, smile, and kindly remind the two clowns that his government never forced them to join the initiative and secondly he doesn't want to intrude into a provincial jurisdiction.

At 5:37 PM, Blogger angryroughneck said...

everyone makes good points. The scheming sickens me though.


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