Thursday, November 22, 2007

Reminiscing about my Education

I attended university to gain the theoretical knowledge needed to guide my practical actions that would be crucial for my adult life. But if I hoped to receive this type of training at university I was terribly wrong. Today, universities have no interest in such methodology. Universities are now governed by a faculty concerned with ego driven leftist agendas. Professors now teach the country’s most impressionable minds that it’s impossible to say anything positive about reality (metaphysics) as “true reality” is tainted by our biased mind. And because knowledge is relative to our environments, in essence it becomes equally relevant and thus ultimately irrelevant (epistemology and anthropology). This logically leads the most earnest students to their predictable conclusions: knowledge is subjective and biased towards social-economic background, which makes ethical statements naïve, as they’re the extension of this flawed knowledge. Finally, political science reaffirms that positive assertions are nothing more than the culmination of these subjective whims and simply put “who’s to say what’s right”! A mind trained with this type of foundation characterizes the university’s most inquisitive and conscientious minds. The University activist is only expounding on the doctrines he’s been taught, treatise which eventually produce the expected existential temperaments of fear and depression, conditions which typify the apologists of relativism, collectivism and existentialism.

And we’re surprised that a worldview like this, one in which uncertainty and instability is our usual state, has a tendency to produce citizens filled with neurosis and insecurity? The lessons of the enlightenment-- optimism and reason-- have been choked by skeptical traditions stemming of Kant, Hume, Rousseau, Dewey, Camus and Chomsky, and today professors and students are slavish products of this fatalist philosophy.
Our best Professors lecture under the hip banner of pragmatism staking their rebellious identities on the fact they take no moral stands, are unwilling to express any viewpoints, using the justification that “there’s no such thing as truth”, and “its wrong to judge”. Interested in pushing an anti-philosophical agenda that renders all paradigms of thought as useless, liberal professors intentionally ignore the idea a university’s goal should be to equip its students with the ability to judge and evaluate. Their relativism succeeds only in frustrating and depressing the most eager minds, condemning them to an endless maze of contradiction and hypocrisy with little chance of discovering solutions. It’s worthy of Shakespearean consideration that students are smart enough to understand the outcomes of what they’re taught, but not independent enough to reject the theories.

The mind, man’s mechanism for comprehending his complex reality has been invalidated by his intellectual mentors. The university’s goal should have been to produces confident minds able to discriminate between fact and fiction, valuing self-determination over other imposing, corrupt and inefficient forms of organization such as dictatorship and socialism.

When we teach students fear and uncertainty are people’s natural state, that skepticism is the mark of an intellectual, it’s a predictable outcome that they clamor in protest groups for government intervention and paternalist social engineering.


At 3:12 PM, Blogger Spitfire said...

You should read David Horowitz's: Indoctrination U

At 4:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The education system has in fact been fully infiltrated by socialists and communists the entire developed world. What I don't understand is that with all the corporate money and donations, where is the demands for balance in viewpoints? (real conservative)

At 10:18 PM, Blogger Joe Green said...

Anonymous, give it up. You are not actually interested in "education", if you really were, you would not be marginalizing teachers.

You have actually missed the boat boys and girls, because "intellectuals" like Milton Friedman and his ilk have been perfecting a new and dangerous form of "individualism". Its the stuff that justifies the murder of 655,000 innocent Iraqi civilians, women and children, so that Exxon Mobile can seize control of the second largest oil and gas reserves in the world.

I have got to hand it to you phonies, however, when you try to present yourselves as something other than what you actually are.

Its called the Big Lie, and that is precisely what Ayn Rand and her minions seek to propagate at the Chicago School of Economics.


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