Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Proposals to Canadian Government to end Unemployment

Bridge to Hawaii:
This mandate of a 4800 km suspension bridge from Vancouver to Honolulu would be Canada’s most involved and committed plan to eliminate unemployment in Canada to date. If unemployment is the problem then we can help by creating jobs. Not only would this bridge be a boon for our economy, but it will greatly add to our leisure lifestyle. We would open access to one of the most beautiful resort destinations in the world, and only a 50 hour car ride away.

Moving the Great Lakes to Saskatchewan:
The Great Lakes are losing water—holes in the bed? Well let’s plug the lake bed. I propose moving the Great Lakes to central Saskatchewan in the meantime. Not only is this is another labor intensive endeavor that would have a positive impact on employment levels in the country, but it would also send a strong message to Americans that think they can purchase nearly all of Canada’s oil without repercussions. Early estimates predict a necessary manpower need of over 350,000 people for 40 years. Not only would over 1200 km of shoreline have to be carved out of central Saskatchewan, preferably by shovel to increase work status length, but a zillion cubic meters of water would have to be transported over 2000 km to the new lake bed. And then the process would have to be reversed to get the water back to Toronto.

The world’s deepest drilling program:
Canada has always been shortsighted in its drilling industry. The pursuit of energy has left Canada without a comprehensive strategy to lower unemployment levels in other parts of the country. The key is to break drilling strategies from the pursuit of energy. The Canadian government should pay a subsidy based upon meterage successfully drilled, with inclining rates for deeper depths. Capitalists complain that the problem with governments charging Energy providers high royalty tax rates is that the Energy companies do less drilling, which only increases unemployment. Now we can take that extra tax revenue and use it to create incentives to drill duster, albeit deep dusters, which will stimulate employment across the country. We can have the increased wealth from energy revenues as well as the high employment levels associated with record levels of drilling. Prior to this drilling has been mainly segregated to Alberta. This is unfair, and with this new mandated program, drilling can be expanded to all provinces and everyone can enjoy the fruits of high paying roughneck jobs.


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