Sunday, September 11, 2005

Sharia Law

Is our country so tolerant and complacent that we are unwilling to compare our system of law with other justice systems, and then to accordingly judge? Is our system inherently flawed. Does it fail to protect women? Does it prosecute minorities? Is it biased ideologically--ha ha? Is it deliberately antagonistic to Muslims? Should we be ashamed of our legal tradition in comparison to other better systems. Well I guess it depends who you ask. Most people would say no, but amoral academics, cultural relativists, and Islamic fascist might say yes. And so Canada unwilling to offend these fine citizen’s objections as-- we tolerate everything, and are willing to compromise on anything, appease these hard line fundamental Muslims (as long as they’re not evangelists) and decide to change our legal system.

The guiding principle of Western Justice is the rule of law--That all men, and yes women too, are judged equally before the law. This is too say that it doesn’t matter if you are rich, well connected, or a certain race, you will be judged the same as anyone else before the courts. Hence the symbol of modern justice being a blindfolded lady judge??

Administering certain sets of law to certain people obliterates the relevance of that progressive principle. It’s moral relativism at its finest declaring that Western law is not an improvement over other archaic forms of justice, systems usually based on the unlimited power of an arbitrary judge deciding each case as he goes, with no concern for consistency or principle, making judgments at whim. Allowing Sharia law for some Canadians, says our system of law is good for people like us (no definition of what us is anymore) but for other people another system might be better-- whose to say what’s best.

So what’s next; homosexuals wanting their own court system, polygamist declaring religion and their own system of justice, drug dealers refusing to accept the law of a court system biased against drug cultivation, rapists wanting their own system to avoid the persecution of zealous western feminists.
Tolerant multicultural Canada is becoming an amoral bastion of identity hate politics all seeking to divide this country and the foundation it rests on.

-Angry Roughneck


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