Thursday, November 01, 2007

Dion the Wise and Benevolent

So Dion will consider raising the GST back to 7% if he gains power. So with a surplus of money (I hate the word surplus, there is actually no such thing as a government surplus—I prefer over looting or excessive pillaging) in government coffers to the tune of 11.6 billion Dion wants to reinstate the GST tax to 7%. Why? Because the government needs more money— no. We just mentioned the abundant plunder from 08. Maybe, because he needs more money for grandiose socialist plan—no again. Well maybe eventually, but he hasn’t released any plans. (I still prefer the building of a bridge to the moon to guarantee full employment in Canada) Well if not either, then why? Simply put— because the Conservatives cut it. Brilliant policy. Overtly reactionary policy meant to spurn a political opponent. Well this point of separation he is so intent on making hurts the people he expects to vote for him.

The pointy headed Marxist claims income tax cuts would be more effective. Maybe they would be, but if that’s the case, then cut income tax levels too. It isn’t an either/or decision. If Dion believes in tax cuts he should implement both. But he doesn’t, as it is with all Marxist types, rhetoric and propaganda is they key ingredient to securing votes. His policy, his direction consists of nothing more than vilifying his political opponents in order to procure power. His paradigm is intellectually shallow and evidently unsuccessful.

I love a politician that overtly cuts all ties with ideology and plans to rule the country under the direction of arbitrary whims and notions. “Hey vote for me, you never know what I’ll do next.” Sounds compelling. Blessed be the pointy headed arbitrary election platform of a closet Marxist.


At 5:44 PM, Blogger Feynman and Coulter's Love Child said...

I would pay money for Dion to run on a "raise the GST" platform.


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