Friday, November 02, 2007

The Olympics-- and what they stand for

This is the year China hosts the Olympic Games. The Olympic Games by their own definition "have always brought people together in peace to respect universal moral principles". So in the spirit of this moral decleartion I thought I would post some fun facts about the people’s republic of China for all the moral relativists out there that prefer to demonize the western world instead of facing the real enemies.

Criminal Justice

*Only one in 5 trials in China have eye-witnesses.
*Torture is the most common form of interrogation.
*The conviction rate is 99.7%
*The criminal code names 68 crimes punishable by death.
*In 2005 Amnesty International estimated 1,770 executions.
*In March 2004 the government introduced execution vans.

Forced Labor
*Chinese statistics admit there are 260,000 people being held in “reeducation through labor” camps. These camps are called Laogai. These camps were originally created to reeducate enemies of Communism. Laogai’s are expected to create a profit.
*At least 200 Laogai made products that are exported throughout the world.
*Under the system local police can send anyone to the camp for three years without a trial.

*The Chinese Government spent 800 million to create the Jin Dun Project. A method of controlling and policing the internet.
*The system is run by a 50,000 person Internet control department.
*China is the biggest jailer in the world for cyber dissidents. (Albeit the Chinese have been greatly helped by western business partners—Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Sisco. For example Yahoo agreed to filter is search engines so that a Chinese search for “Free Tibet” yielded 0 web pages.)
*China is also the largest jailer in the world of journalists.
*In China there are no privately owned television or radio stations.

Human Freedom
*In 6 of 31 provinces government permission is needed for a married couple to have a child.
*Some provinces practice coerced abortion and sterilization.

*In 2007 5,986 laborers died in coal mining accidents.

Speaking of the Olympics…
*Over 400,000 people have been evicted from their homes in preparation for the Olympic Games.
*Another 500,000 are still expecting to be evicted.

Still think there is no difference between political and economic freedom.

All fact taken from Tyranny in the 20th century (link not working right will post late)


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