Sunday, October 21, 2007

Why Ed is Destined to Wear a Pink Hat

Alberta’s march toward socialism under guise of conservatism looms on. With per capita spending the highest in the country, and the government awash with money and still no tax breaks, Ed is still contemplating how much more to pillage. His fist is mighty with polls demonstrating support to the tune of 88% for the continued looting of the country’s smallest minority. Even though the Alberta Government has watched royalty incomes soar form 6.5 billion to 12.5 in the last 5 years it still wants more. What type of political principle is being followed here? I voted conservative. I thought I was supporting limited government, low taxes and the consistent rule of law. I guess not. Alberta’s conservative government is just as arbitrary and opportunistic as their liberal bedmates. Both parties are equally without principles. Without an adherence to guiding principles they can never be trusted. Some points about conservatism.

Since conservatism has no principles of its own to guide it, it must rely on previous experience to guide its decisions. This is why they typically, or in theory support the free market. It has been proven successful. That was not always the case. The conservative party used to be filled with land owners and aristocratic types and be fearful of the freedom oriented classical liberals. Since they rely on experience for direction Conservatism has become an ideology extremely distrustful of new ideas.

Since conservatism is reactionary it may temporarily succeed in stemming the tide of socialism but it will never change the direction—as it is without its own guiding principles. Unless this changes conservatism is destined to be dragged along a path of not its own choosing.


At 5:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Personally I am a Libertarian but like many Libertarians have supported the conservatives in Canada because they have in the past championed the limited government principles that I believe in. It seems that now at least on a provincial level fist in Ontario and now in Alberta those principles are no longer important to the conservative party. This is sad because I for one always counted on Alberta being the only sane province in Canada.


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