Thursday, March 29, 2007

why can't we all get along?

So you are sitting in a coffee shop or at a dinner with the spouse's friends and some wingnut starts into the leftist blame us campaign. "All the world problems in the world are because of Bush." At first you sit there then the diatribe becomes untolerable. We have heard it all. "All we have to do is reason with them. If we are willing to compromise they will be willing too." Then you can't take it anymore. So you start to ask questions. "Well how do we compromise with terror? How should she have compromised? How do we negotiate with a group of people who are not interested in trade agreements, land settlements, earthly rights, or monetary relations." They want to purge the earth of all infidels? How do negotiations even begin? We can offer money, sovereignty, technology, UN power, and even wealth and still it will not help against this murdering scourge. They are not interested in anything "of this earth".

Freedom and religious autocratic rule can never reach a compromised agreement unless one side is willing to entirely subordinate itself to the other. To take this one step further-- compromise only helps evil. How does negotiation help the free man? You have to pray to Mecca only twice a day and we will not chop your head off. You can remain alive but you will have to pay a 50% tax because you are not Muslim. All we do is beg for our lives while we give away our rights and afford them more rights.This only this only benefitsthe enemy over the long haul because they use western rights to only further trap us.

The constitution says individuals are free to worship how they see fit, while an Islamo-fascist constitution would say "you are free to worship Allah,and if this freedom is not enacted upon, then you are free to be murdered by the State-- or local warlord. logistics is their specialty. freedom and slavery are philosophical opposites and no amount of negotiation will ever change this.


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