Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Statist Conservatism


Conservative movements used to be associated with the principles of limited government, fiscal accountability, free markets and the rule of law. In a free society Government’s job was to defend the rights of individual citizens and provide protection for the country. Taxation was kept to a minimum to limit government incessent drive toward interventionism. The lessons were numerous. A rich king was an unimpeded king. The same lesson applies today. The more money a government has access to the more power it has. The more power it has the less accountable it is. The less accountable it has to be the more freedom suffers. As a government’s purse is restricted the less ability it has to define, control and determine society.

Before it was only outright socialists that fought for big controlling governments but now conservatives also believe in big intervening governments. Yesterday the Conservatives Party of Canada increased spending another 7.9 % for 07. The only difference between the Liberal Party of Canada and big Government Conservative Party of Canada is the interest groups they choose to reward and punish. The pigs may
Change, but the trough is always full.

Differences between the Conservative party and Liberals in Canada at this exact minute--as without principle who know what Harpers' next fancy will be.

They prefer farmers to subsidizing the unemployed
They prefer subsidized manufacturers to the middle class... This goes without linking or saying-- who else pays for all the free rides?
They prefer small business to students
They used to prefer roughnecks to hippies, but now they prefer the eco-righteous to the productive-- once again no link or proof necesarry.
But like Liberals they prefer the French to everyone else


At 7:09 PM, Blogger Blackstone said...

Not a bad assessment though I think historically speaking, Canadian conservatives never used to be associated with the mentioned principles. Tories they were, conservatives in the limited govt sense, no.

At 10:55 PM, Blogger eugene plawiuk said...

I agree with blackstone with this reservation, the new conservative movement of Republicanadians took over from the populist Reform movement that was a response to old style Conservatism. The Reform party was more libertarian than its later Canadian Alliance incarnation when the young Turks, Harper, Kenney, Ezra, Anders, etc. trained by the Republicans, Fraser Institute and NCC kicked out Preston and reshaped the party in the Republican lite model.
But that was all rehtoric. They were not libertarians as much as they were liberaltarians. Many of the MPs and MLAS
that represent this tendency like Solberg, Myron Thompson, Morton, are former Americans.

But the Americanization of the Canadian Alliance was abandoned with the New Conservative Party under Harper.

No surprise he is a statist, he is an autarch, and the taste of power has given him complete control over the party. Far more than even Preston had with the Reform/CA.

Be afraid very afraid.

At 6:00 AM, Blogger Road Hammer said...

Hear hear. They better be listening in the PMO, because without the base, they're nothing.

Remember, a spoiled ballot still counts as a vote.


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