Saturday, November 19, 2005

France, the Left Wing, and an Oil Rig

A friend returned from France while taking classes at Slumberger U in Paris (Oil patch U). And this is what he told me-- Rig workers in “progressive” France are all black and underpaid. How could that be when even in reactionary Alberta, the oil patch is ethnically diverse and well paid? Why would anyone want on a rig if you weren’t so well paid?

Well here’s how…

Instead of paying the immigrant workers the high wages for the dynamic and dangerous work they perform. France is able to underpay its African rig workers and immigrant population in general because these are the people ostracized by the trade unions and bureaucratic palaces. Keeping union wages high is contingent on the union’s ability to block entrance into its guild. And remember in France large government contracts are legislated, to be awarded to unions. So this union restriction while having raised wages for their membership-- fewer workers to split the government purse-- also the negative effect of increasing competition amongst unemployed workers for private industry work, thus driving down wages and narrowing offered benefits. This is one reason why the African rig worker is underpaid in France. There is too great of a supply for to small of a demand.

And now let’s discuss why the demand is also artificially low.
French government doesn’t mid oil companies using underpaying foreign workers. Why? Well, because then they are able to charge higher taxes from the oil company. This corporate tax is then redistributed in the form of raises for bureaucrats and union workers, better benefits, shorter workweeks, which further increasing standards of living for the politically well connected (the white French) at the expense of private market workers, who are banned form the se social institution- immigrants.

Who are predominantly hired in these institutions-- family members, friends, well connected people. And who is predominantly blocked form gaining employment from government protected unions-- Outsiders, people who are not as well connected or have no family members in the civil service. This tends to be immigrants as they are newer to the country and consequently less connected to the old social order.

And who can be fired from these position, thus enabling new blood into the firms? Well nobody can be fired. So who has the most interest in protecting these barriers? The French socialists that work in the institutions. These government controlled sectors are the new aristocracy in France. Artificially high wages, artificially short work schedules and generous benefits on the backs of newer citizens, poor and unconnected yearning for opportunity and being forced to competing against an artificially high number of perspective employees in an undefended private markets for so few jobs-- high taxes also the unintended consequence of limiting a company’s growth potential thus their ability to capitally expand.

And combine these racist socialist practices with the French aristocracy having a biased against business pursuits. Stemming from their genetic entitlement and now their cultural entitlement entrepreneurship has become a dying pastime in socialist France. “I am too good to struggle like peasant on an oil rig.” Albertans are different driven by creation, production and expression. We like to create and are proud of our achievements. The French would see the running of a diner as crude and socially beneath them .

And why is Alberta a more ethnically diverse workplace than Color blind France?
We don’t have entitlement and high taxes. Companies come here to make money. Facing lower taxes they can use more revenue for expansion. And because lower taxes cut across all business fields, all markets are increasing in size, and thus competition between employers for employees is fierce, driving wages to be higher and benefits to be broader. And who is barred from these career choices? Nobody. Competency knows no racial barriers. Raises and promotions are based knowledge, accomplishment and integrity instead of cronyism/


At 12:57 PM, Anonymous Concerned Canadian said...

Love your blog.

But PLEASE tell me that the link to Ayn Rand is a joke.

At 5:45 PM, Blogger angryroughneck said...

How so? Joke?

At 1:33 PM, Blogger Joe Green said...

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