Sunday, November 06, 2005

And why is paris rioting?

So there is rioting in the most “progressive” country in the western world and people want to know why, but once again thinkers have their heads up their proverbial asses. In an era where anyone with the ability to read has a plethora of historical, economic and cultural texts at their finger tips, it's amazing that so few people can correctly explain why the riots are happening.

The leftist intelligentsia are blaming the growing division between haves and haves not and the dogmatic right is pointing to the exceedingly high amount of immigrants in France.

This is amazing that both sides could be so far off the mark. Both are miserably wrong.
I’ll start with the left:

The left are right when the realize the riots are not race motivated (although this may further motivate them), but instead are caused from inequality. But while recognizing inequality as their cause they fail to recognize the cause of class of rigidity, which is a direct and predictable consequence of the rampant socialism France and leftists triumphantly endorse. Ignorantly they blame capitalist exploitation.

Socialism prohibits upward mobility, so if you arrive as a poor immigrant, you are most likely to die as one, as terribly so, so are your children. And how could this evil exist in the most progressive country in the world? France, fighting for the working man, endorses Unions, guilds, occupation licensing, high education requirements-- even for things like being a clerk France endorses educational requirements--, plus massive amounts of civil servants and bureaucrats. Every single one of these institutions has the common tendency to restrict membership in to their club-- for the purpose of increasing their member‘s hourly worth which translates to artificially high wages-- but meaning if you want to be a plumber, better have a dad or uncle that is already in the union.

You see in a free country, if you want to be a plumber, you have to work hard to establish yourself as a competent plumber, but in France instead of knowledge and hard work you need connections. If you want to be a bureaucrats, better be friends with or have family in the civil service. If you are a poor Cambodian immigrant that want to be a beautician, well better have an extra $25,000 required for the licensing fee to become an “approved” beautician. All of these policies-- and there are countless more of them (affirmative action, rent control, easily accessible welfare.. etc.) restrict class movement promote high unemployment (France is always around 15%), plus promoting segregation.

People immigrant for the right of “equal opportunity“, the chance to succeed, or for their children’s chance to succeed. But it is impossible to succeed when class rigidity is mandated and enforced by law. And what do they get in exchange for this indentured racism and slavery… a few scraps of subsidized bread, poor, yet free schooling, a utopian moral smugness.

Tomorrow I’ll do the right…


At 2:14 PM, Blogger Dancing Crow said...

Good on you! I see you like your truth open and above board.

At 2:19 PM, Anonymous Ivan Prokopchuk said...

Laid off by Seneca College here in TO area, I went to look for work
in the "second most progressive coutry." Having a woman to support, I said I'd take just about
anything. I's scrub a crapcan, for chrissake.
You know what? This is the only country in the world where you have to fight to wash a dish or scrub a toilet. Union accesibility.
No way Seneca was going te let me scrub their toilets.
Vive la Canada?

At 6:29 PM, Blogger Aaron said...

Wow. Very astute analysis. I was in Sweden last year and thought that all the Swedes want from the Lebanese is to sell them donairs, and nothing else. Yeah. It's like all immigration is for is to prevent the minimum (market) wage from increasing.


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