Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Chretian was Right!

No surprises from the Gomery report. Chretian and middle management types blamed and Martin all but exonerated. Mr. Strong couldn't of planned it any better. But seriously forget that Martin is a puppet-- groomed to be Prime Minister since he was in his twenties, Shippinggate given to him by Maurice-- and let's just look at government corruption in general.

Chretian said it best today "There is always a chance for abuse in any organization; private or public". Jean came dangerously close to being honest here except for the fact that the size and amount of corruption is directly related to the organization’s size and the ammount of money or powere it weilds. For instance if you are in charge of marketing for a small four man company it is much harder to embezzle a hundred thousand dollars compared to if you did the books for IBM. Likewise it also very hard to embezzle substansial amounts of money if you drive an ice cream truck-- as opposed to a federal government that taxes all created wealth to the tune of 46%

The amount of government corruption is in no way tied to who is, was, or will be Prime Minister, instead the amount of corruption directly correlates to the size of the government and the power it weilds! The bigger the government, the bigger the bureaucracy, the more corruption, scandal, pork barreling, theft you will have. The more that the government is allowed to loot or steal from the citizens, the more there is to steal! There is more government theft in North Korea than there is Finland. Why? Because Korean bureaucrats are inherently more greedy? No. Instead it's because there are more bureaucrats, with their hands in more pies, living with unchecked powers than in Finland.The less checks that are in place the easier it is for bureaucrats to exercise their monopoly of force,primarily by stealing Taxpayer money.

So what is to be done? Well according to the polls, lots of average naive Canadians say elect a nicer Prime Minister, somebody with a better sense of justice, someone faiere, that looks nicer, leading to "The NDP's care about people".(polls show that they have benfitted the most) "I don't think they would steal thye care about us". Wrong! The NDP is an even bigger government that awards itself even more arbitrary powers to tax, regulate, and rule over, and this means there were would be more chances for undetected corruption. You want less corruption elect a smaller government and let them have control of fewer dollars. Less money is easier to track than more money.

Canada elects massive paternalist governments and then funnels half of all privately earned revenue through their hands and we have the gall to be upset and astonished when we find out they are stealing it and using it misappropriate. It time Canadians quit acting like sheep and we seize back our sovereignty!


At 9:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Conservative Election cry should be "If you vote Liberal - You're stuck on Stupid" --Ghenyo

At 9:56 AM, Blogger NL-ExPatriate said...

OK so what is the solution and how do the people make it happen?

Elect independants?
Go with the municipal political system?
Always elect a minority government? With polling the way it is it shouldn't be to hard to accomplish each and every time.
Demand a referendum on govenment reform?

Here is a blog I did on Independants.

Vote Independent for independence!
It is the only way within the system we have right now, to make your voice and concerns be heard above the party line.

Divided as independents the people stand, United as partisan politics the people fall!

Start a group, organization, coalition, or party if you will to support independents. Similar to a co-op unsure about the co-op fees issue partisan and sponsorship issues? (Sponsorship pun intended)

Statement of intent!
-Municipal politics principles and format.
-Everybody votes independently in the House of Commons.
-Leader is chosen voted on from among the elected independents by the elected independents.
-Could even go one further and have municipal electees voted amongst them selves to represent province or federal?
-If possible a common set of base goals and policies. This may not be appropriate detract from the independent spirit?

Shared objectives and campaigning practices
-Centralized Fund raising
-Centralized list of candidates, emails, Ph numbers, Web pages
-Help Enlist candidates
-Enlist volunteers to help independents
-Sharing of thoughts and ideas discussion to hone campaign platforms
-Internet fund raising centralized and accountable with all books open and published online.
-Dissemination of funds according to number of constituents or possibility of election?
-Bulk advertising cheaper.
-Centralized head quarters for all candidates.


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