Monday, September 05, 2005

Bush a Racist?

Refusing to hit rock bottom, clinging to moral emptiness and anti-values, the leftist community is trying to turn the New Orleans catastrophe into political gain. Kayne West (recording star), Randall Robinson (Harvard grad and Lobbyist--TransAfrica) and Ray Nagin (Mayor of the big easy)… etc have all implied or directly said racism was to blame for America’s disorganized response to one of the worst tragedies to ever effect their country. This is disgraceful but not new for liberals, as the right has become accustomed to their hate filled nonsensical verbal attacks. Leftist types consistently accuse conservatives of bigotry, misogyny and greed (those are the big 3). Calling President Bush a racist is to asinine to defend with logic, because the statement is arbitrary

I use the word arbitrary a lot in reference to leftist rhetoric and this is a perfect example to demonstrate what I mean by arbitrary. Arbitrary means that the statement is not connected to reality so it is impossible to defend.

Leftist: Bush is a racist
Common sense: No he isn’t
Leftist: prove it!

Well this is impossible, think about it. How can you prove that something doesn’t exist? It is logically impossible to prove the negative true.

For example the theist states “prove God doesn’t exist”. (I’m not making a claim one way or another about the existence of god, but rather pointing out faulty logic). It’s impossible to prove nothing exists-- "Well you just didn't look in the right spot". And hence the statement must be regarded as arbitrary and not worth intellectual attention.
-Angry Roughneck


At 12:11 PM, Anonymous Don said...

The only thing dumber than some lefty calling Commander Chimpy a racist, is some numb-nuts righty exhorting that Bush bears none of the blame for this cluster fuck.

At 5:21 PM, Blogger angryroughneck said...

Don, who is this commander chimpy, is that a racial attack? Don by claiming my nuts are numb you are infringing on my right to healthy self-esteem (ha ha). But seriously, my post was not defense of Pres. Bush, as in fact I called America's responce to the hurricane disorganized. It was instead a deeper point; calling Pres. Bush a racist is completely unfounded and impossible to defend with logic as it is an arbitrary statement. The fact that you didn't understand about the post this demonstrates that you believe what you WANT to believe, rather than having a concern for truth.


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