Saturday, August 27, 2005

So Now I'm a nutter!

Now I admit that when bored I like drifting from leftist blof to leftist blog drumming up debate and eventually exposing their empty ideologies. But leftist hate debate, to them debate is synonymous with attack (this is why all conservatives are typified as hate filled racists). But I'll say it again; people determine their own values so they should be held accountable for them. In responce to his emotive censorship of my "hate filled" ideology I thought I would respond with a letter, that was also was sent to the . My Comment compaered his anti-americanism to other forms of populist Fascism that have existed throughout history. His responce was to censor the comment and then rebuke it. So I want to post the letter I sent him responding to his form of cowardly debate. The original debate was about Softwood and both blogs demonstrating our cases may still be seen.

First the definition of fascism: Fascists seeks to control the intellectual and spiritual climate of a group of people. The irony is that censoring my comments is fascist! How can you not understand this? You seem to think you are doing your minions “the people” a favor by censoring the post and then recounting your interpretation of it and then rebuking it. This is how Kim Jong 2 debates. If you believe in the competition of ideas post them and let the people judge what is true and what is not true. You think an individualist can't handle some guilt ridden, anti-intellectual, emotive, liberal’s subjective attacks. I welcome debate and you do not.

Now to what I said in my comment; using individuals as a means to the country’s, the ruling demagogues, yours, the majorities end is Fascist. You are trying to impose your intellectual Utopia or abstract ideology onto Canadians. How could this be achieved if people did not want to comply? You would force them to not trade their goods with Americans. How would this be achieved? Force, the whip! IE the Wheat board putting farmers in prison for violating the liberal ideology of Statism.

Trivially calling for a trade war with the United, without even discussing the facts of the softwood contention, but instead relying on populist reasons... "they are bad and hurting us for arbitrary reasons, so we need to assert our sovereignty" is such a blatant form of populism that it resonated with Hitler’s' fascist democratic populism (the Jews stole our businesses, they have no right to the profits of the motherland). You don't understand that all of the evil in the world has been committed under these pretenses. Hitler was asserting the democratic whims of his people( creating straw men to deflect anger and extol his or your vision of Utopia).

You are one of these people. You want to assert Canadianna at the expense of Canadians. You arbitrarily call out for a trade policy that would doom millions of citizens. Citizens with families. Citizens trying to build better lives for themselves and yet you would enact policy dooming these very citizens for the pride of Canada... install your own populist cliché here! And if anyone disagrees with you they are a racists or greed ridden and eventually censored. Call me whatever you like because I will still hold you accountable for your views.

Because your intentions are good you expect to exempt from being judged, but I refuse to let you get away with this nonsense. One person determining what is best for the people has been the route of all war, divide, famine, oppression, and evil throughout history.
I should also remind you that going through your posts, you consistently call conservatives: racist, bigots, and rednecks, and now nutters…ha ha
-Angry Roughneck


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