Friday, August 26, 2005

Way to go Tommy Douglas??????

Now there's something I never thought I'd here myself say, that is untill I read a comment he left at Mike Stefaniuk puts up a typically leftist blog declaring trade a zero sum game (one person wins and one person always loses when a transaction occurs... an absolute lie; factually, evidentially, historically) Anyway this guy calling himself Tommy Douglas sets him straight, like all lefties need to be set straight. So out of respect I wanted to spread his eloquent message

Tommy Douglas said...
You boiled it right down there mike. That is the essence of it. Not only is your philosophy tricky, it's also destined for failure.That's what "progressives" don't get -- human nature. To coerce wealth from one group of people to give to a less-wealthy group is neither desirable nor effective. Never has been, never will. That is why Saskatchewan is failing. That is why Cuba has failed. That is why europe is failing.What makes people tick is advancement, self preservation. Take away that most primal motivation and you take away our ability to succeed. That most basic instinct is the same that makes us want to fix our houses or apartments up. It's the one that makes you want a better job, the one that makes you want that X-box. It's the one that makes us explore.

There is inequality of condition in the world. But the answer isn't taking from those who have it all figured out and giving to those who don't. The goal should never be to create equality of condition. Instead we should strive to achieve equality of opportunity. THAT is the tricky part. You want to move the developing world into the present? Provide them with civil liberties. Create an international market place that allows them to participate on a level playing field.

That means getting rid of European farm subsidies. The leftist vision of a "living wage" for innefficient farm producers in europe has done more to create global inequality than anything the "great satan" has ever done. Provide the developing world with democracy and equality of opportunity and we'll move toward equality of condition.That's where "progressives" have it all wrong. That is what it is all about. But yet I will never hear you talk about european and american farm subsidies, even though they are killing our own farmers right here in Saskatchewan.

Progressives haven't cared much for the plight of the farmer since they stopped voting for you. They were once your bread and butter, but now you look at them with contempt. Your wealth redistribution scheme is so deeply flawed, as is your political philosophy. Hobbling those who "get it" and artificially propping up those who don't, will only create more people who don't "get it", and fewer people who do. Do you get it?This is what Marx couldn't understand, and why he has been proven to be so wrong. This is what Castro and China don't get. This is what the NDP don't get. The idea that a person's success is at the expense of another is a cancer that needs to be cut out of the Saskatchewan psyche. Otherwise we'll sit around here spinning our wheels until the only person left to turn the lights out is Mike Stefaniuk.
-Tommy Douglas

I'm from Saskatchewan, but my family left to come to Alberta; the land of opportunity, home of the free man, the last frontier, and it abhors me to see people spreading this evil socialist reasoning... or I suppose unreasoning. Saskatchewan has as much energy as Alberta, and even started to develop its resources earlier than Alberta, but excessive taxation and regulation drove the industry westward. As a reult, it's Alberta that has an extensive oil production infrastructure, thus making it more cost effective to produce its energy... and once they hit leduc it was all over for Saskatchewan. Add this added production cost to Saskatchewan's tax burden and you have the difference between Saskatchewan and Alberta.
God Bless you Tommy Douglas
-Angry Roughneck


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