Thursday, August 11, 2005


When did liberals/socialists/ and moral relativists hijack the term “progressive”? Was it progressive when anti-capitalist feudal Spain expelled half a million Jews? Was it progressive when Robespierre seized power and murdered French thinkers, business men, journalists, professors, Generals and average dissenters under the idiom of “progressive”? Was it progressive when the National socialists murdered 5 Jews and seized property for the good of the country? Was it progressive when Stalin murdered 30 million to modernize the economy? Was it considered progressive when the heavily regulated feudal south fought the free capitalist north over the abolition of slavery? Was it progressive when the heavily fundamentalist and socialist Iranian government seized power and instantly nationalized oil, making it 8 cents a liter, and thus creating unemployment levels of 20 per cent. Progressive isn’t a term they shouldn’t be able to use based on its logical inconsistency. Leftism has been the source of every war, the source of all human suffering and misery to this point, and yet they are allowed to use a term like “progressive” and we only reprimand them for nativity. Leftism should be exposed fore the evil that it is.
I find it ironic that most leftists think progress is a social creation yet they are adamant that they are so (maybe that works in a sci-fi way). Politically we have advanced and here’s how
1) The Greek creation of democracy was far from perfect, but it was the first time in history the citizen was allowed a voting share. Citizen was still an exclusive term but the idea in of itself was fundamentally new and completely opposed the Spartan royal dynasty. The creation of democracy freed citizens from some of the more arbitrary aims of the ruling families, but democracy didn’t guarantees individual rights and democratic majority can be just as arbitrary as a king.
2) Rule of law. Romans created the foundation for objective law. Why did everyone want to be a Roman? Because to be a Roman citizen was to be equal before the law. To be equal before the law guaranteed a citizen’s ability to determine his own fate in life. A man can learn the law, but it is next to impossible to predict the moods and bias of a constantly changing ruling elite. For the first time in history man was free from the arbitrary aims and whims of an unpredictable despot or local regulator.
3) The American Constitution was a declaration of individual rights. It was a ruling charter that made man completely free from the arbitrary aims of government and democratic mob. It was a document that guaranteed for the first time the citizens freedom to seek his or her happiness.
The left has never been progressive and is in fact regressive. Any amendment to restrict freedoms is return to more primitive and it is the right’s responsibility to point it out.


At 12:33 PM, Blogger Jarrett said...

The left, if anything, is conservative in the way it insists on a slavish adherence to the status quo.

If we want to go to the original meaning of the word, "progressive" did not mean "progress". It was a theory of a school of thought just after the turn of the centry that dealt with a number of things. Key tenets of original "progressivism" included:

1) Isolationism: all foreign aid and/or action is a waste, because there're still problems to tackle at home.

2) Nanny-state: Things such as, "We can't have alcohol because we're convinced it does society a world of pain, so government has to ban it."

3) Breaking up of big corporations because... well, they're big corporations. They were really into anti-trust suits and stuff.

They describe it as the foundation of modern socialism... but it's funny to see how the three big founding ideas ended up being proven defunct.

At 11:09 AM, Anonymous Lindsey Stickle said...

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