Friday, August 19, 2005

Leftwing censorship

So after taking to task for two straight days he responded, as all lefties do by blocking me from posting comments on his site (Collective ideology invented Censorship... see Nazi Germany, Stalin, China, Michael Moore... leftist blogs). This is typical of the left. They love to debate politics as long as the room's filled with disengneious hippies. This is why they only discuss serious intellectual topics like affirmative action by reffering to their oppositsion as rich, white, greedy, capitalists as if that has anything to do with an arguments merit.

Conservatives rely on logic (see Rand, Hayek, Friedman, Aristotle, and Aquinis) which makes them friendly to ideas, and willing to challenge their misconceptions with oppposing apologists. As opposed to socialists whose ideas are rooted in irrational, subective, mystic babble.

P.S Prior to being blocked I always found the Calgarian liberal reasonable. But once again he proves Lefties want to be right instead of obtaining the truth. They are more interested in creating a noble identity (I fight for the poor, the minorities, the helpless... blah blah) for themselves, rather than solving problems.


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