Friday, August 05, 2005

Michaelle Jean

Doesn't anyone think it's ironic that the only term limit we have in this glorious country belongs to royal appointee? Members of parliament? No. Senators? Don't make me laugh. Prime Minister? Well that would be counterproductive to governement efficiency? Riiiight. Royal appointee? Now we're talking. Wouldn't this have been a perfect moment to tell Britain that we will no longer be appointing Governer Generals. Instead make miss Jean an in-house ambassador of Canada. Enough bowing to backwards Britain. Assert Canadiana!

I pulled this excerpt from a decent enough lefty in calgary

I think Paul Martin picked the ideal candidate, especially at this time when Canada is beginning to see more racism and discrimination against people not born in Canada. Michaƫlle Jean should serve as a role model and reminder to everyone across this wide land of ours that Canada truly is the land of golden opportunities (and not our neighbour to the south) and that anyone - from the East or West, from Canada or overseas, can make it big here.

Once again the left assumes Jean's only attribute is the fact she is black. Race is a superficial trait and is of no importance to progressive thinkers. What makes her an ideal candidate to be a governer general, or at least should, is that she represents Canadian values (i.e independence and productivity. And once again you are not born into your values. Human beings choose their own values.

My last rant deals with the Calgary Observer's point that it's important that she's black to counteract the rising ammount of "racism and discrimination" in Canada. Compared to when? More racism. What a joke. More racism than 50 nyears ago. More racism than 100 years ago. No, neither. Racism is continually declining. Do you think being overtly racist is a quality employers look for in perspective employees? Does anyone think racists are on the fast path to success? No. They are continually restricted in their opportuniuties and ostracised in their communities, because we as a society condemn racist values.


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