Wednesday, August 03, 2005


It’s my right to not work hard and be compensated according to the “law of Fairness”
So Telus workers in Alberta have been convinced to follow a BC union into the abyss. What’s at the end of the tunnel? Higher wages and more relaxed work schedules. Yay! Who’s paying? The taxpayers as usual.
At the Telus call center which is severely understaffed, workers are paid $16/hour, which is 3 to 4 dollars higher than any un-unionized call center. This relationship between overpaid union workers and understaffing follows the economic law of supply and demand; meaning that if a company has to pay exaggerated wages then it compensates by hiring fewer workers.
This has consequences;
Hiring fewer workers to fill the appropriate number of positions creates an exaggerated number of call center workers to compete for jobs in the private sector. Once again following the law of supply and demand, this excess supply of unemployed call center workers drives down the demand in the private sector thus driving down wages in the private sector. Union worker;s gains always come at the expense of private workers.
The true definition of fairness is when compensation matches work
For more see article on Unions.


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