Tuesday, January 10, 2006

More Idiocy

How Does a looting powerhungry government regain moral credibility with its citizens? Well Paul Martin removes another check from government. As if a lack of checks is Canada's biggest problem. We have to few checks, which enables corruption and state coercion. The Canadian system is designed for governing efficiency which is a foundation for corruption. Removing the Notwithstanding clause from the constitution removes the only check we have over our appointed courts. Being undertood that the clause allows the government to overrule the courts if need be-- a check on their power.

Canada is already without important judicial checks. Beside the fact they have the power to "interpret and amend" the constitution-- very dangerous, Judges should not be appointed, rather they should be elected or in in the very leastaffirmed by parliament. Canada would be further enabling a system where by the appointed Prime Minister (parties are free to appoint their leaders) appoints his judges who are free to pass his mandates (as Supreme court appointee is a reward for judicial servitiude) leaving citizens and parliament alike, powerless to defeat any preposed reforms-- see gay marriage. This is another attempt to allow the ruling liberal elite even more arbitrary power over our lives.

Picture this.

PM-- I want to ban guns and the house won't pass the motion.
Judge-- What are the options?What type of ruling our we looking for?
PM-- It conflicts with the Charter of rights. Find it incompatible with every citizens right to freedom.
Judge-- consider it done.
PM-- You're a good friend
Judge-- you've always been fair to me.
*secret handshake*

Why would citizens that are dealing with such rampant corruption want to remove more checks on the government? it makes zero sense. How about more checks? No much too straighforward.


At 9:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome ideas, man. Fudgepackers.

At 2:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you believe the meltdown of the Liberal Party? It could get much worse for Martin according to this link.

Martin's Resignation Prediction


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